Boost Educational Services

Boost Educational Services
51 Montrose Ave. North
Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
Marathon Mall
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We are a tutoring center, offering one-on-one and small group sessions for all ages, including adult learners. Furthermore, we offer additional classes such as art, music, stop-motion animation and drama on a rotating basis. We also provide ESL classes and consultations for parents seeking advice about schools, (including homeschool). During school breaks, we offer camps and workshops.

We are very excited about creating a school where children enjoy learning and are able to explore and build upon their individual strengths and interests. We encourage children to develop critical thinking skills and develop their individual skills and talents via our individualized learning pathways. We use a combination of online, face-to-face instruction and project based learning to ensure that we are able to get through to children with different learning styles. Of particular interest to high school students is our accelerated graduation pathway, which allows children to graduate up to a year or two early (provided they have a serious work ethic) - meaning that she can begin college courses even earlier and have a head start!

Furthermore, we offer scheduled emotional support services and one-on-one tutoring and physical education and swimming at Evolve Functional Fitness. Our goal is to ensure that your child has all of the support s/he needs to be successful in the program, so you won't find yourself having to go elsewhere for additional tutoring.

Students dress modestly and comfortably instead of wearing uniforms so that they are encouraged to be active during break times. All textbooks for standard subjects are provided by the school.

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