IMANI House 35 Abundant Life Road, Suite 600
P.O. Box:
P.O. Box N342
Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
Marathon Mall

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Welcome to the NBOXIT Bahamas Local Page. There is nothing like awaiting a pizza, having it arrive cold and the delivery guy still dangling at your front door for a tip! The nerve! One would assume that on an island which is typically smaller than the average city, delivery is a snap! You couldn't be more wrong:
On an island, delivery of inter-island mail, packaging, food, parcels, are all sluggish to nil and the reason for this is simple: There are more cars requiring more hours in traffic and no outer or overhead lanes nor adequate highways to bring resolve until NBOXIT!
As a business owner in a before NBOXIT scenario, one would have to hire a dedicated driver or more to outfit the delivery needs of the business. In many cases a business owner may opt to do away with delivery all together to avoid the additional spend it can bring them. Another business owner may opt to outsource this service to an inbound courier company whose task involves standing on bank lines as well as delivery further delaying your package. An inbound package is bound to be late and in some cases never arrive, until NBOXIT!
Sure! There are delivery services that deliver but again brings us back to the question...
How many drivers will you need to guarantee my package will arrive on-time?
Consider a clothing store with an online presence in the Western District and a client desiring a garment for an affair this evening but in the Eastern District of the island. The event begins at 7 pm. The consumer pressed for time scurries to the website to look for a garment and finds one she adores but its 6 pm. How do I pay, and receive within an hour? Simple, I NBOXIT!
Why frustrate your client by having them drive for miles in traffic to your store front to pick up an item they can pay for and have delivered right to their front door within minutes? Why leave the party to purchase a case of soda when you're the host and could spend that time entertaining? NBOXIT & have it delivered.
Why not activate a tool that will potentially grow your business and satisfy your client all at the same time? Give your clients more by adding more to your palate of service offerings...add delivery! Delivery of:
Mail Parcel Food Beverages Furniture Gifts and more...
Why drive to do what you can do by dispatch?
The best gift you can give to someone is time...give time back to your clients today!