Baha Juice And Beverage Company

Baha Juice And Beverage Company
Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
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Baha Juice Company distributes 100% ORGANIC beverages in The Bahamas. Our line of products are designed to position you as a leader in the industry, by offering them to your customers. And who doesn't want to be a leader in offering the healthier and best options for our nation?

Our juices at Baha Juice Co are made from all-natural produce, grown with minimal interference from mankind...
:: NO pesticides :: exposure to these toxic elements leads to genetic changes linked to cancer, anxiety, insomnia, depression and memory function - proven!
:: NO preservatives :: sure they add to the shelf life of a product, but they are bad for us - and who wants to drink that dead sludge at the bottom of a bottle?
:: NO GMOs - just say NO to GMOs
:: NO artificial flavor packs for taste and flavor boosts :: if your juice has to have these added, they're NOT good for you at all - altering the taste and smell?
:: NO artificial coloring :: let the juice be juice in its organic and healthy state
:: NO toxic hormone disrupters :: which affect us even in the womb! and sadly, can cut our children's IQ by 4-7% by the age of 9! Also these chemicals are known to interfere with our hormone systems that can set the stage for obesity, ADHD, cancer and even Autism. Its all been proven. READ THIS AGAIN ... LET THAT SINK IN ...