The Surgi Centre

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The Surgi Centre
Centreville Collins Avenue
Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
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The Surgi Centre is an ambulatory surgical center that allows you to recover from a variety of surgical procedures at home without spending an overnight stay in the hospital. The leading specialist in Laparoscopic Surgery in the Bahamas.
Single-port laparoscopy is a form of laparoscopic surgery that is performed through a single port (or incision) unlike traditional multi-port laparoscopic surgery that uses four to five incisions. A camera and surgical instruments are then inserted through the left side of the abdomen or the navel cavity. Through this incision, the surgeons are able to see the surgery, as it's being performed, via a T.V. monitor in the exam room. This type of surgery requires considerable skill, training and experience as it is a highly technical procedure. Check Out The Rite Care Pharmacy Listing Page Here.

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The Surgi Centre | Menís Health Month: Erectile Dysfunction

Menís Health Month: Erectile Dysfunction

The Rite Care Pharmacy
The month of June is set aside to observe Menís Health Month in many countries around the world. The purpose is to highlight health problems and to encourage early detection of disease among men and boys. Thousands of activities including screenings, exams, health fairs and other events are held around the globe to promote the education of health issues that effect men.

A fairly common health problem faced by some men is the sexual issue known as Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is categorized by a pro- longed inability to get or maintain an erection.

Misconceptions: A common misconception is that failure to achieve an erection once or twice is always indicative of ED, however this is not the case. Many men have failed to achieve an erection at some point in his life, however ED refers to the consistent inability to perform sexually. Another misconception is that ED only occurs in older men. Although erectile dysfunc- tion is more prevalent in men over the age of 60 , it can just as easily occur in younger men as well be- cause some of the causes of ED are psychological and lifestyle related.

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