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About ThinkSimple

Think Simple specializes in designing and implementing custom technology to create energy efficient `smart鐃 homes.

Having established a reputation for innovation, precision and professional services from concept through to final installation, Think Simple have quickly become one of the most respected automation companies in the industry.

Whether you are realizing a concept for your dream home or starting from a blank canvas, each Think Simple project is specifically designed to meet your family's individual needs. Using whole house automation, your new smart home will simplify your life and provide you with a new level of comfort and convenience. With the touch of a button, your integrated system will control all of your audio-visual equipment, lighting, temperature, shades, drapery, telephones and more.

In addition to your home, Think Simple can enhance your work life by creating a custom designed system for your office or business space. Choose from installing integrated data technology, high-end audio-visual solutions for boardrooms or meeting venues, lighting control, phone and security systems. By implementing a Think Simple energy efficient system, you will reduce your overheads while creating a renewed experience for your clients.

Consultations and quotations are available by request.

Automation solutions from Think Simple streamline and simplify all the technology in your home or office, offering the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience.

While utilizing award-winning control systems we eliminate the need to walk from room to room to adjust drapes, lights, temperature and audio-video components. Whether you're using an easy-to-use color touchpanel or a customized keypad, total control is always at your fingertips.

Lighting Control
Create preset levels for any mood or event through a lighting control system; integrated with a stylish keypad, your room will be lit to the perfect level every time. By consolidating outdated traditional fixtures into an automated system, Think Simple will reduce energy output, increase convenience and contribute to LEED certification.

As systems become more advanced, so does the technology needed to manage them. Think Simple uses state of the art Crestron technology to put all of your audio and video needs in the palm of your hand. Media can be accessed through a sleek, portable touch screen remote from any corner of the room. Choose to centralize video systems in a single location, reduce visual clutter and provide DVD, cable and satellite access to any television. For the ultimate home theatre experience, Think Simple combines the highest quality speakers and projection equipment with the Kaleidescape DVD server, storing and organizing your movie and music collections for fast, easy access.

Think Simple specializes in advanced networking systems for all your home and office needs. From redundant internet connections to whole house wireless networking, your data is never more than a click away. Utilizing quality components from trusted brands like Cisco and Proxim, Think Simple has a customized networking solution that鐃s right for you.

Phone Systems
From multi-line business phone systems to convenient home setups, coordinating phone systems has never been easier. Think Simple excels in connecting multiple locations through a single networked phone system, allowing calls to any extension on a phone network and no more ten digit dialing between branches. Wireless roaming phones for the home eliminate the need for multiple handsets and base stations. Think Simple incorporates multiple lines, intercoms, call transferring and speed dialing, making phone systems seamless and easy to use.

Green Automation
Green automation not only saves energy, it efficiently manages energy. Think Simple makes `going green鐃 easier than ever with fully customizable lighting, remotely controlled vacation mode and the ability to shut down an entire household鐃s non-essential lights and appliances. Utilizing state of the art Crestron technology, shades move with the sun, the thermostat is always set to the most energy efficient level and light is never wasted. Control is effortless, using hand held interfaces from your home, office or remote locations through your computer.

Energy Control and Efficiency
Eliminate excessive energy usage from lights, display LEDs and other `always on鐃 appliances with a one-button off switch. Conveniently placed, the one-button turns off all residual energy users before you go to bed or leave the house. Think Simple can program HVAC thermostats to enable precise temperature goals and maintain the highest levels of energy efficiency. Shade and drapery control work with your thermostat, altering shade configuration with the movement of the sun keeping your home cool and glare-free. All energy control systems can be remotely monitored through your computer, offering control and flexibility wherever life might take you.

Vacation Mode
Secure, reliable and forward thinking, Think Simple automated homes offer peace of mind whether your family is out to dinner or out of the country. The one-button command controls your lighting, thermostat and security system, deterring unwanted visitors and reducing energy costs. Your home鐃s lighting and blinds maintain your familys鐃 daily rhythm, creating the illusion of occupancy, whilst thermostats automatically switch to energy efficient `vacation mode.鐃 Before you return, air conditioning and hot water systems reset to live-in levels. A Think Simple system allows you to control your home remotely from wherever life takes you and return to a welcoming feeling as if you鐃d never left.