Commercial Services Group Ltd.

Commercial Services Group Ltd.
Maritime House, Frederick Street
P.O. Box:
PO Box N-4826
Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas

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A Bahamian Business Services company offering a variety of services to our Domestic and International clients, inclusive of business support services, real estate consulting, investment services and integrated marketing strategies.

About Us
Commercial Services Group Ltd. (CSG) is a Bahamian company specializing in a variety of business services. We have leveraged the collective experience and expertise of our partners and affiliates to bring, our client, creative products and services at competitive prices. Our knowledge of Bahamian Business Services and impeccable customer services is what sets us apart from the rest.
CSG's owners and principals have years of experience in property development and Business Services, the two key industries in the Bahamas. Doing business in the Bahamas need not be a trying experience. We can navigate effectively through procedural, administrative and banking requirements to ensure not only a quick response, but also the profitability of investment.
Our international networking capabilities facilitate global opportunities and competitiveness. We assist our clients in obtaining the optimum solutions to their business challenges in today's competitive environment.

Our Services
Commercial Services Group Ltd. (CSG) is unique, in that the company has a wide variety of products and services. Our services have been designed based on our knowledge of what our clients need in doing business in The Bahamas. We provide the following services:

- Investment Services
- Real Estate Services
- Business Support Services
- General Business Services
- Marketing Strategy Services
- Compliance and Risk Management Services
- Anti-Money Laundering Training and consulting

We are constantly developing our services menu based on domestic and international trends. The bottom line is that we "create" products and services to make certain you,the client, can experience what you desire.

Investment Services
Commercial Services Group Ltd. ("CSG") through our network of professionals and affiliates offer the following services:
Incorpoaration and administration of International Business Companies (IBCs) and Domestic Companies
Establishment and administration of Asset Protection Trusts
Establishment and Administration of General and Limited Partnerships
Establishment of Banks, Insurance and Trust Companies
Provision of Corporate Directors, Protectors, Nominee Shareholders
Escrow and Trust arrangements
Safe Custody of Assets
Private Foundations
Alternative Investment in Private CD's, Trust Accounts, Securities etc.

Commercial Services Group Ltd. (CSG) can be considered one of the best in the provision of Real Estate Services. We can assist in the following:

- Real Estate Sales
- Title Searches
- Opinions on Title
- Maintenance
- Management
- Mortgages
- Real Estate Purchases
- Probate
- Appraisals
- Construction
- Conveyances
- Surveys

Business Support Services
Commercial Services Group Ltd. (CSG) recognizes that certain clients may have needs for business support services for whatever reason be it costs, lack of expertise or skillsets or Economies of Scale. We offer the following support services:
- Internet and Computers
- Secretarial Services
- Preparation of reports - operational, Regulatory, Financial etc.
- Virtual Office Address
- Messenger and Courier Services
- Phone and Email Facilities
- Copying and Faxing

Compliance and Risk Management Services
CSG Services Group Ltd. (CSG) understands that your business has certain inherent risks. We also understand that your may have a need to outsource your compliance and risk functions to a company with the requisite skills at a cost below internal expertise. We offer a complete compliance and risk management consulting service and training via documented compliance programs.

General Business Services
Commercial Services Group Ltd. (CSG) also provides the following services internally or through our affiliates and partners:
Advising generally on all aspects of investing in The Bahamas, including business connections and obtaining Government approvals.
Advising on all Laws, Regulations and Procedures impacting Business Establishment Expansion.
Development and Administration of Business entities
Assisting with financing and banking, immigration and residency
Commercial and Industrial Business opportunities and ventures
Accounting, Re-invoicing, Business Plans and projections
Web Construction and Marketing
International Business and Trade connections
Anti- Money Laundering Training and Consulting

Commercial Services Group Ltd. (CSG) has years of experience in compliance and anti-money laundering. Our combined legal and compliance expertise allows us to develop training programs that keeps you and your employees on the cutting edge of compliance and anti-money laundering that better protects your business and mitigates certain business risks.

Our Marketing Strategies
Commercial Services Group Ltd. (CSG) understands Bahamian Business and Behaviors. We have developed integrated Marketing Strategies designed to give your company maximum exposure , thus increasing your sales opportunities. We do this by effectively utilizing Social Media, Internet, Blogs, Periodicals and ole fashion flyer distribution and face -to-face meetings. CSG networks with our other clients and affiliates to offer special packages where "Everyone" wins through our innovative selling techniques and programs - you will see that "We create".