The Street Legends Organization

The Street Legends Organization
#15 Bamboo Crest
Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas

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The Street Legends Organization’s Constituency vs. Constituency Basketball League was designed with two goals in mind. The first is to bring a first rate,professional looking, and well organized basketball league to players who otherwise would be overlooked by pro-ball and national clubs. Our second goal is to “Bridge the Gap” between individuals within the various communities here in New Providence. We have found over the years that just getting to know your neighbor is a deterrent against violent action; who you may have thought negatively about just because of what area they reside in becomes obsolete after spending so much time together player in the league. This is our contribution to the fight against crime and it would be great if you would help us, It will benefit us all!

With the help of the Vitamalt Brand, Furniture Plus Company, Bahamas Waste Management, Scotia Bank, B.T.C, and the Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture, National Security, The Drug Council, Campbell Shipping, Ad Guru, Gems Radio, Sports Radio, Hon. Richard Lightbourne member of Parliament for Montagu, Hon. Hope Strachan member of Parliament for Seabreeze, Hon. Jerome Fitzgerald of Marathon, we were able to host our season # 3 of “Bridging the Gap” community basketball league The pre game season which took place on community parks was more work than we could have imagined. But we did it and it was great! The opening of the games took place in the Anatole Rodgers Gymnasium, while the regular season games took place in the parking lot of Mr. Carl Treco of Southwest Plaza, It was there that we saw the fruit of our labor, as members of every community came out to support the league that was designed to “Bridge the Gap” between them all. It worked! The players in our league helped with the day to day operations. They worked with us and each other to make it a huge success.

As we now prepare for the 4th Annual S.L.O. Basketball League our goals remain the same. Our objective is always to unite people under one umbrella. We draw them in with sports and then use the opportunity to educate, inform and unite them under our secondary them "Thinking Before You Act "

Our partners for this venture are: the Aids Secretariat of The Bahamas, The Royal Bahamas Police Force, The Bahamas Prison and United Against Crime just to name a few.

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