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Cold Patch Bahamas
16 Narcissus Ave Garden Hills Estates #1
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Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
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Cold Patch Bahamas is a company established to address the vexing problem of potholes found throughout Nassau and these beautiful islands. My name is Travis Johnson and Iím President of Cold Patch Bahamas, My company is being formed to attack every pothole in the Bahamas.

Not only do we want to fix potholes quickly we want to fix them properly, with the right material. Iíd like to share with you how our methods and our special cold patch can make a big difference. Our repair service is not a slam-bam, thank you Maíam service. Our repairs are designed to last longer Ė saving everyone money and trouble.

Iíve spent the last two months researching the best cold patch methods and material available Ė and Iíve found a cold patch that will stand up to the Bahamian heat and our flooded streets.

Iíve made many calls to the USA and UK. Iíve read many news stories and reports. And Iíve read many studies that show how different materials and methods perform on real heavy traffic roads around the states. These studies were preformed by objective scientists and expert engineers hired by US State Departments of Transport. They show how each method and each cold patch brand performed in more than seven States. These reports are there on google for everyone to see and weíll be putting these studies on our future web site. Itís hard to argue with the science of what is best for our roads and what saves money in the long run.

Itís clear that here in the Bahamas today we are either using inferior materials or inferior methods. Our road crews are stretched thin. The result is that potholes come back too fast and the road crews canít keep up. And with potholes, if you canít keep up, the problem just gets worse. Itís a dreaded cycle.
But with Cold Patch Bahamas, we can fix them right the first time and make repairs last longer. We can help we can help break that cycle so that more holes are fixed and stay fixed.