Jamaa' Ahlus Sunnah Bahamas

Jamaa' Ahlus Sunnah Bahamas
Carmichael Road
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Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas

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Formerly, Jamaat- Ul-Islam Mosque...According to old records, some of the early Muslims who came to The Bahamas were brought as slaves from North Africa. In the 1960ís, a Bahamian named Bashan Saladin (formerly Charles Cleare) preached Islam and converted his home into a Mosque. In 1974, Dr. Munir Ahmad who returned from the US as a Dental Specialist and Mr. Mustafa khalil Khalfani joined hands to establish Islam in the country. They were later joined by Br. Faisal Abdurrahmaan Hepburn. After independence, more Bahamians converted to Islam while studying in the US. There are many Muslims here from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, as well as from Turkey and Guyana. Many work in the Bahamas as doctors, businessmen and teachers.

There are many Muslims from India, Pakistan and other countries who have helped develop the Muslum community in The Bahamas. In 1978 when Jamaat-Ul-Islam, the Revolutionary Islamic Movement was formed, Br. Mustapha Khalil Khalafani was chosen as its leader. The Muslims established the Jamaat- Ul-Islam Mosque in Nassau run by Jamaat Management Consultancy Limited and owned by Brother Faisal Abdurrahman Hepburn.

The Masjid or Mosque is located on Carmichael Road on two acres of land and is white in colour with three domes (one large and two small) and one tall minaret. It will also be the future site of the Islamic school, Imaam residence and business centre Insha'allah (God-willing). It is surrounded by newly planted trees, a colourful courtyard and a parking lot. The women area is separated by a perforated wooden partisan. The five daily prayers are performed punctually in congregation. Over 60 people attend the Friday sermon and prayer. Islamic classes are also held at the masjid including the weekly children's madrasah on Sundays.

In conclusion, Islam in Nassau is growing with a strong foundation for increasing the Dawa work in the area. Muslims in The Bahamas are still being ignored or marginalized in many ways however primarily because they are still a very small minority (less than 1% of the total population). They could always use some help and attention from US and other Muslims in order to energize their work. The entire area is conducive to Dawa work due to high literacy, a good command of the English language and a respect for people from other countries and religious backgrounds.