Surf Golf Cart Rentals

Surf Golf Cart Rentals
King's Highway
Alice Town
Bimini, Bahamas
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Surf Golf Cart Rentals can service all of your transportation needs on Bimini. We offer high-powered golf carts at reasonable prices.


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July 1, 2015 Beachbum

Surf Golf Cart Rentals


On June 2, 2015 we rented a 4 seat golf cart from Shanto Curry. We went out fishing all day and after we ate dinner that night we went to Bimini World casino for a couple of hours. As we were leaving the driving shaft broke on the cart. We pushed it off to the side of the road where a security guard told us to park it. As we locked up the cart the guard called and left a message to Surf Golf Cart Rentals. We took a taxi back to Big Game where we were staying and paid $25.00 for the 10 minute ride. The next morning we went to the front office at 7:45 a.m. and told the clerk behind the desk what had happened. She called and left a message for Shanto that we were in the office and needed a new golf cart. At 8:10 a.m. we went back and she called him again, this time speaking to him. We were told 15 minutes and the new cart would be there. We went to the office every 15-20 minutes until 11:20 a.m. and the cart still was not there. Every time we went in the office the girl would call and be told the same thing. We had plans on using the cart all morning until about 1 or 2 p.m. We decided to go out on the boat for a couple of hours instead of sitting at the dock waiting for the golf cart. When I went into the office that evening to get pool towels I was told the cart did not get there until 4:45 p.m. That is more then half of the day that we did not have a cart that we paid $80.00 a day for. We came home the next day Saturday June 21, 2015. I called Shanto on June 22, 2015 and told him that we waited all morning for him starting at 7:45 a.m. his reply was other things came up so he couldn't make it. But why did he keep telling the girl at the front desk that he was on his way??? I told him I wanted a refund for 1 day as we couldn't use it all morning and it arrive late afternoon. Shanto did not want to do this because I told him we used it that night to go to Stewarts. Shanto finally agreed to refund me 1 day $80.00. I have checked my credit card statement every day and I still have not been credited. I called Shanto on 6-24, 6-26, and 6-29 I texted him as well on these days. The first 2 times he told me that he gave it to the office girls and he would check up on it. The last time he said he had to find my contract. I told him I had a copy and would e-mail/text it to him. He then asked me for my credit card number and exp. date. He asked me to text this to him which I did. It is now 6:13 July 1st I still have no credit. My advice is do NOT USE SURF CART RENTALS. Shanto can not keep his word, he lied to us, and his service is beyond terrible. When I went in the office to close out my bill I told the girl what had happened, she said that Shanto has the worst service on the island and there was another gentleman in the office who also worked there and e agreed.