Sue & Joy's Golf Cart Rentals

Sue & Joy's Golf Cart Rentals
King's Highway
Alice Town
Bimini, Bahamas

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If you want to tour Bimini at your own convenience rent a golf cart at Sue & Joy's Golf Cart Rentals. We offer gas-powered carts, suitable for 4-5 adults.


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December 5, 2016 jfloyd8183

Sue & Joy's Golf Cart Rentals

Poor service!!

Don't rent from the company at all. We were given a cart with no gas that we had to walk for gas and push it back because it still kept shutting off. When arriving back the own stated the lady that took our money would refund us for gas and half the daily charge. We returned the cart to the lady with blue hair to be told he never told her anything. She also stated she was off and he was gone for the day. Stay away!

May 11, 2015 LuckyCG

Sue & Joy's Golf Cart Rentals

SCAM on Golf Carts

Be very careful if you rent a golf cart from Sue and Joy's. Had a terrible experience last weekend when my golf cart rental was stolen. Apparently LOCKING your cart with THEIR lock WILL NOT be security enough. ANY and ALL golf cart keys TURN "ON" ANY and ALL golf carts! There is a circulated key that opens ALL of the locks too. An RW Bimini Security Supervisor told me that their golf carts get stolen several times a day. Some from tourists out of convenience, and some from locals/employees who take the carts and then CHARGE the tourists to take them from place to place. Worseover, Sue and Joy's will make YOU responsible for the cart getting stolen. Simply absurd. There are other options and places (in town). It ruined my vacation and I feel that they are not honest and forthcoming. They denied everything the Security Supervisor told me and they were absolutely wrong. It's a common occurrence for them and they will not make your stay a priority. Go elsewhere.

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