Elite K9 Work Dogs

Elite K9 Work Dogs
Office located @McKinney Drive (Mobile Service)
P.O. Box:
PO Box CR-54622
Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
242-535-7303 or 242-677-5741
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Elite K9 Work Dogs goes far beyond teaching a dog to sit and down, our service offers our clients the best training for their companions. We investigate, assess and treat canine behavior, using animal psychology and the principles of positive reinforcement.We modify behavioral problems -obsessive barking, biting, licking,jumping up,aggression, insecurity. We do basic obedience (on leash) and advanced obedience (off leash). Puppy imprinting begins from 7-8 weeks old.
For the client who is interested in having their companion trained in personal protection we assess the temperament of your dog to ensure that your dog is stable to do this type of training where your dog can be a family protector and also function in society as a normal pet (dual purpose dog).
For the sports enthusiast we offer tracking and agility, KNPV, French Ring, and Schutzhund training. Also we assess sport dogs what have been trained in KNPV, French Ring or Shutzhund and we can convert them into a personal protection or a patrol dog.
We do tactical training for you and your dog offering real life scenario training (a hold up at the ATM machine or car jacking to name a few).
For the client wishing to have their canine trained with basic skills that would be required for the detection of termites or mold we offer various training techniques to teach the dogs to detect such odors.
On the opposite end of the scale for the little ones or anyone who is young at heart we do trick dog training for your pets.