Stubsdale Dog Care Center

Stubsdale Dog Care Center
Stapledon Gardens
P.O. Box:
PO Box GT-2848
Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
Oakes Field

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At Stubsdale Dog Care Center we believe that dog training is key to developing a happy, healthy, and socially adjusted family member. As a company we have over 35 years of practice and experience in the dog industry. Let's just say, we LOVE DOGS!!

Training is not all that we do our services include: Dog Training, Professional Dog Grooming, Dog Walking, House Sitting, Dog Boarding, Weight Management, on-site Dog Maintenance, and Dog Play & Socialization Groups

More about us......
We train you to train your dog so that you are empowered to utilize and reinforce our proven techniques once our classes are complete. Throughout the year we offer Basic Obedience Group & Private classes for all dogs ages 4 months and older. Our training and socialization classes offer a realistic, fun, safe, and useful environment with controlled distractions for your dog to learn better behavior.
Group dog obedience training is important because it helps to prevent problems through proper socialization. It provides an attractive alternative and is proven to correct undesirable behaviors such as barking, object guarding, chewing, separation anxiety, & dog to dog aggression characteristics that arise from a lack of socialization.
Our private obedience sessions are 5 weeks long and we meet once a week. We cover basic obedience such as 'walk with me', 'come when called', 'stay put', and 'lie down'. In addition to obedience, we also do house training, house manners and puppy training. We use positive re-enforcement in a fun and safe environment.
We can meet at your convenience at your home or wherever you feel comfortable.

Mr. Devlyn Stubbs
Mobile Phone (242) 448-1032
Grooming (242) 465-1125
"Superior Training. Superior Products."