Higgins Landing Hotel

Higgins Landing Hotel
Stocking Island
Exuma, Bahamas

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Higgins Landing is an award winning eco resort located on beautiful and sparsely developed Stocking Island, Exuma, considered a "national treasure" of The Bahamas.

The resort is accessed by boat only and is nestled into its pristine sea to lagoon location. On one side of the resort, guests can enjoy the shimmering sands of Silver Palms Beach, with "Higgins Landing Reef" just yards offshore. On the other side of the resort, is Turtle Lagoon. From this shore guests can bonefish or kayak, exploring other adjacent lagoons, "blue holes", underwater caves, mangrove ecosystems, and beaches.

Above all, there is privacy. The resort is spread over several acres and is designated "hotel guests only". At any time there will be a maximum of only 12 guests.

Each guest cottage has a spacious private deck and has been carefully sited to maximize views, privacy and ocean breezes. The resort also has a central dining building outdoor lounge overlooking Elizabeth Harbor and our Silver Palms Beach.

In addition there is a "guests only" honor beach bar, a well stocked library and fitness equipment building. There is also a protected dock area for launching kayaks and docking boats.