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Tropix Shipping
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Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
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Tropix Shipping has been established in the shipping industry since 1992 offering freight forwarding and shipping to The Bahamas from anywhere in the world.

"You buy it, we ship it!"


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March 10, 2020 Ssrolle

Tropix Shipping

Great service

I had a bunch of packages from different companies and they were able to put everything together and get them to me in time for my event. Thanks again. Would reccomend for any business.

Tags : Shipping 

December 9, 2019 kbaley

Tropix Shipping

Consistently unreliable

We haven't used Tropix much, but in the last three years, I would estimate we've had problems with at least 50 of our orders. Asking for the invoice multiple times, delays in shipping, not telling us an order has arrived. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me four times, what was I drinking when I decided to give them another chance? edit: They have had our most recent package in Miami for A WEEK. I sent the invoice (twice) when it was delivered. Yesterday, they said it was stuck in customs. This morning, they didn't know where it was. This afternoon, they said it's still in Miami. This would be understandable if it happened once but this is, literally, the fourth time for us. This is a shipping company that doesn't know how to ship.

January 14, 2014 Jmlampkin

Tropix Shipping

Slow and unreliable

My package was sent to their hangar in Florida on the 2nd of January. It is now the 14th and there is still no real reason they can give me as to why my package has not been flown out yet. The last time I called they said I might need to send an invoice which I had already sent them last month. My package has been in Florida for 12 days, and while there is a daily flight to Nassau, my package has not been on one. If there is a reason my package is being held up they have made no effort to contact me and inform me. Very unreliable company, will not be using them again.