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November 16, 2010
Dealing with worms in papaya fruit

Q. I have a problem with one of my papaya trees which has fruit that has worms inside of them which means I?have not been able to eat any of the fruits as I?fear the worms. Can you give me advice on how to tackle this problem?
-- W.G., South Beach
Worms in your papaya tree are caused by the fruit fly which lays its eggs in the flowers of the tree. You should spray your papaya flowers with an in...

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July 29, 2010
Plant Sale This Saturday July 31st at the Garden of the Groves!

Freeport, Grand Bahama - Don't Miss the

Plant Sale at the Garden of The Groves this

Saturday July 31st,

2010 from

8am - 2pm.

Lots of Palms!

Areka, Alexander, Coconut, Washingtonia & Adonidea.

Beautify Your Garden with Plants from our Nursery at Excellent Prices!...

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Grand Bahama school children participate in Earth Day
April 27, 2009
Grand Bahama school children participate in Earth Day

The Grand Bahama Port Authority Limited spearheaded the ‘Keep Grand Bahama Clean’ Campaign, in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Health Services, Urban Renewal Programme and Sanitation Services.

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