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Awesome guy!

Baker Bay Marina totally refused to permit me to pump out my black water despite my plea for help and offering to pay for the service. I had spent several hours seeking a pump out service on many Abaco Islands without luck. Based on the recommendation of others assuring me of the availability of the pump out service at Bakers Bay that I went there. BB would not respond to my VHF radio calls and after getting hold of someone on the phone, he insisted that it is a private club and that I should respect their rule of only servicing club members. Ended up going to Marsh Harbor and getting serviced at Lou's Pumping Service ��+1 (242) 367-2043��. Lou is a true gentleman who pulled his truck to my boat and helped me pump out both black water tanks. He even refused to take my money. Stark contrast to the arrogant behavior at BB. Indeed it is BB��s right to behave the way they did, just like it is my right to express my displeasure of their discourteous behavior and pleasure in Lou��s willingness to enable me to keep the Bahamas waters clean!

Date Added: June 17, 2019