The choices of the powerful affect the weak

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April 12, 2014

There are so many things that make the world a troubled place today, without any real solutions on the horizon.
Were we as human beings living on a planet that was flat, maybe we would be able to see more solutions. Unfortunately, the earth is round and we have to deal with many hidden deceptions. Meanwhile, powerful nations are making choices that are affecting weaker nations.
Haiti is still being occupied by United Nations military forces and that is alright with the western world. Now Russia is annexing some parts of Ukraine, but Russia's military actions are not accepted by western countries. The U.S. and its European allies are complaining about Russian expansionism.
Haitians are the only black people who were able to free themselves from slavery and create their own sovereign country, but it seems as though there are forces still trying to recolonize the Haitian people with the help of the United Nations.
And while the UN forces keep on occupying Haiti, some black academics and their leftist-leaning political comrades keep on talking nonsense about reparations for the slavery of African people in the diaspora.
If these black academics and their left wing sympathizers care so much about the black people's struggle, why can they not influence the UN to withdraw its troops from Haiti and allow the Haitian people to decide their own political future?
It has been claimed that some UN peace keeping forces brought a strain of cholera to Haiti that infected and killed many Haitian citizens and the UN has refused to pay the families of the victims as compensation for their loss. Lawsuits have been filed in the U.S. courts.
If the reparations movement activists care so much about the betterment of black people, they should challenge the UN and demand some kind of financial compensation for Haitian cholera victims. Unfortunately, it seems as though they are trying to put the cart in front of the mule, as they keep on making useless noises about reparations.
It seems as though, due to the fact that Haiti is the only black country that was not created by colonialists, the former colonizers are trying to rewrite Haitian history with this new period of UN occupation. And with this new brand of global politics affecting the sovereignty of third world countries, there is a possibility that the UN occupying forces will be on Haitian soil for a very long time, as long as those powerful influential western countries believe that their interests are at stake in Haiti.
Now that Russia is flexing its military muscles and annexing parts of Ukraine as a means of protecting its geopolitical interests and dominant control, the western countries cannot deny that their present role in the occupation of Haiti is also based on geopolitical control and domination. After France, the U.S. and Canada played a role in deposing Jean-Bertrand Aristide and putting him on a plane to Africa, without his consent.
It has been scientifically proven that the world is not flat, and we as human beings have to live our lives making choices based on good and evil. The choices we make sometimes can be deceptive.
History has proven that we make choices based on our environment. The choices we make sometimes affect other human beings, particularly when it is all about looking after our own interest withouts regard for those who do not share our political and moral values.
And being that our choices are made based on good and evil, we will never be able to unite and live in unity.
For example, religious scholars believe that God created the world and gave human beings these two choices: good and evil. However, the thing those religious scholars neglect to explain is: Why did God allow human beings to make choices, if he wanted a peaceful and loving world?
On the other hand, most scientists believe that social conditions and geographical location created the behavioral habits of human beings, especially when survival of the fittest became the imperative.
Now, it seems as though human survival has become a global dilemma, as superpowers move dangerous weapons to strategic locations, guided by modern technology, to capitalize on the resources that are essential to their enrichment and retention of power.
Presently, Russia has risen again after the fall of the Soviet Union. The new Russian leadership is annexing parts of Ukraine and absorbing them into modern Russia; and for some of us living in the west, it is political shock. However, we must always remember the world is not flat and human beings keep on making choices based on good and evil for their survival. So as Russia is grabbing a big chunk of Ukraine, the UN peacekeeping forces are still occupying Haiti.
o Hudson George has a BA in Social Science from York University, Toronto, Canada. He has been writing since his early teenage years and now contributes letters and articles to a number of Caribbean newspapers.

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News date : 04/12/2014    Category : Opinion, Nassau Guardian Stories

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