PM takes swipe at critics over PLP succession

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April 05, 2014

Bahamians should not be concerned about the question of succession within the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) but what the government is doing for the country, Prime Minister Perry Christie said on Thursday night.
Speaking at a ceremony to mark the inaugural night flight into the South Bimini Airport, Christie told residents and Genting Group officials to, "...Tell them, whoever they are, whenever they ask, that you've been to Bimini, that you have seen and beheld what is happening in Bimini."
Christie also said, "They are wondering about how old I am. Tell them how I look.
"They are concerned about whether I have energy. Tell them challenge me.
"They are concerned about whether the young men in my party or young women in my party should tell me go. Tell them in the right time. It's our party.
"Tell them this is a time when we in The Bahamas will experience bounty in our country. This is real, this beautiful, this is genuine.
"This is going to impact people positively.
"We mustn't worry about things like that."
Christie touted the creation of a casino on Bimini as well as the Resorts World Bimini SuperFast ferry that he said has significantly contributed to its economic growth.
Night flights into the South Bimini Airport Terminal are expected to further stimulate economic growth and jobs by greatly facilitating high-end casino clients into the Bimini Bay Resort, Christie said.
Earlier this week, Free National Movement (FNM) Deputy Chairman Dr. Duane Sands said Christie has outlived his relevance and should willingly step down as leader of the PLP. But he said the leadership would probably have to be "ripped" from his hands.
"I think if Mr. Christie honestly believes in The Bahamas then he would realize that he has outlived his relevance to this country," Sands said.
"I think that the old school of Bahamian politics, which has created huge benefits for this country, has reached a point of diminishing returns."
On Wednesday, Golden Gates MP Shane Gibson and Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell blasted Sands as a twice-rejected political candidate.
Gibson intimated that the leadership of the PLP was not handed to Christie, but earned.
Mitchell said as far as he was aware, Sands was after the leadership of the FNM and should therefore stay out of the PLP's business.
Christie has suggested on many occasions that his time in frontline politics is winding down.
Last month, he said that "for everything there is a season".
He was responding to a Nassau Guardian editorial titled, 'The eternal PLP leader'.
The editorial said, "Young PLPs need not look for a vacancy at the top of their organization anytime soon. Your king is likely to rule like a monarch.
"Monarchs almost never resign. They reign for life."
PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts has said the party has already fixed a date for its convention in November. He said that all positions will be open to be contested.

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