The adventures of a Boy Wonder

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November 15, 2010

He entered Northern Caribbean University with equanimity back in 2007 when it shocked people to see a 12-year-old go off to college.
Now, four years later, Kevin Rolle runs his New York-based boutique auditing and accounting firm from The Bahamas with a similar serenity.
"[My office] is on the 59th floor of the Empire State Building," he said of his company, Providence Group and Associates, a slight smile creeping across a cherubic face pronounced by glasses, in a recent interview.
Dressed in a button-down shirt and denim, the 16-year-old CEO talked about the astounding academic and business success that has come to him as easily as a dribbling a ball to a pro basketball player.
Su ...

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News date : 11/15/2010    Category : Nassau Guardian Stories

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