Avoid the Flu by washing your hands

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November 12, 2010

Clean hands are the best protection against spreading germs and preventing infection.  When should you clean your hands?  Whenever your hands are visibly dirty, before you eat, and before touching your mouth, nose or eyes; before and after preparing food; after contact with body fluids, after using the restroom, touching animals and pets, or changing diapers. 

For proper hand washing: use soap and plenty of running water if your hands are visibly soiled.  Wet hands with warm water and work soap into a lather. Rub your hands vigorously for 15 seconds or longer (about the time it takes to sing happy birthday or row-row-row your boat).  Get in between fingers and scrub the top of your hands.  Fake nails harbor germs and bacteria.  Rinse your hands with warm running water and pat them dry with a clean towel.  Most important, use a clean hand towel to turn off the water faucet and open the bathroom door, then discard it in a trash can. (Otherwise the germs will end up back on your hands).  Remember good health starts with you, a flu shot, and clean hands!

“Health Tip of The Day brought to you by Doctors Hospital, keeping you and your family healthy for life.”

Hand Washing Chart

Click here to access the original chart from the World Health Organization. Print a copy for your office or kids' bathrooms.  

News date : 11/12/2010    Category : Health

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