Hundreds complete NTA program

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January 28, 2014

More than 40 of the National Training Agency's hundreds of graduates have already found full-time employment, NTA Director Agatha Marcelle said yesterday.
During a graduation ceremony at Holy Trinity Activities Centre, Marcelle said more than 300 graduates from the program's first group of more than 400 people passed the London-based City and Guilds exam.
Dominique Hanchell, 26, who received a certificate in food and beverage, told The Nassau Guardian he is excited about the future.
"I know the opportunities that can come out of this and this is the step I need to change things around in my life," he said.
"It was a great experience for me. I learnt a lot. I was previously in food and beverage, but I have learnt a lot more and I plan to be a good server."
Lavargo Rollins, 18, said he is one step closer to owning his own auto mechanic business and plans to pursue further education.
Keyshanna Russell, 17, another food and beverage graduate, said she will use her newly acquired skills and knowledge to get a job and save up to go to college.
Many of yesterday's graduates have already gone on job interviews and are waiting on responses, Marcelle said.
Noting that others have not been as fortunate, Marcelle insisted that the organization will not give up on the prospect of finding jobs for all graduates.
"They are ours for life, and they are like our babies," she said. "We have 65 of those who are here [who were] actually out on interviews and are just waiting for the results.
"We had 135 of them interviewed by Bimini World Resorts, so we are also waiting for that. We are determined.... These are young people who can go to work tomorrow."
The government has said it hopes that the agency will address many of the challenges of preparing young men and women for successful entry into the workforce.
Marcelle said there are already more than 400 people registered for the next 14-week training session, which they expect to begin in February.
The National Training Agency opened its state-of-the-art facility on Munnings and Gladstone Road on July 15.

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News date : 01/28/2014    Category : Nassau Guardian Stories

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