Operation Potcake is back!

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January 23, 2014

After the highly successful campaign last year during which 2,315 dogs were spayed and neutered, Operation Potcake is returning, this year with a dedicated cat clinic!

Operation Potcake is a spay and neuter clinic offering free spaying and neutering for community animals and to those who could not otherwise afford it. Months of planning and fundraising have made this campaign possible. Clinics will be staffed by many dedicated local volunteers working side-by-side with approximately 40 foreign volunteers.

There will be three clinics for dogs only and one clinic for cats only. All clinics will be open from Sunday, February 2nd to Thursday, February 6th. Bring your cats into the Bahamas Humane Society in Chippingham. Dogs can be brought to one of the three clinics: Kemp Road clinic is at St. Bede's Church Hall off Kemp Road (turn at the blue building just south of Shirley Street) -- East Street clinic is at Our Lady's Catholic Church on Deveaux Street off East Street just north of Wulff Road -- Carmichael clinic is at the former Oral's Golden Auto/Valley Boys Junkanoo shack on Carmichael Road at Golden Isles. All clinics open at 8 a.m. for registration and drop off until 11 a.m. Animals are picked up on the same day.

Spaying and neutering and regular vet checks help keep your animals healthy and home. A neutered male is more likely to stay home guarding your property than to go off wandering in search of females. Spayed females are less prone to breast cancer and other diseases. Fewer roaming dogs lead to quieter neighbourhoods (and better sleep). Spaying and neutering reduces the numbers of unwanted dogs and cats on our island and helps keep the Bahamas a pleasant place for tourists to visit.

For more information, please call 323-5138 or email potcake2013@gmail.com.

News date : 01/23/2014    Category : About Bahamians, Community/Charity, Press Releases

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