Prostitution ring appears to be up and running again

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October 29, 2010

Published On:Thursday, October 28, 2010

AFTER being shut down nearly two years ago, it appears that a multi-national prostitution ring is up and running again at the former Mayfair Hotel on West Bay Street.

Scoping out the building on Monday night, The Tribune witnessed one of the "handlers" for the women, who are said to be housed in the complex, approach three American male tourists and offer them the girls' "services."

In full sight of the Fort Charlotte Police Station, the man asked the group if they were interested in purchasing any women for the night. Avoiding his remarks, the men continued down the street, despite being followed and assured by the handler that whatever they were seeking he could "supply."

In its investigations, The Tribune was assured by sources close to the matter, that Jamaican and Haitian women are continuing to be sold in the building - despite its proximity to the Fort Charlotte Police Station. These women, the insider said, would come down from the rooms they inhabit and either solicit sales themselves or be "introduced" to her "John" by a designated "handler" in the general vicinity.

When contacted yesterday about the continuing activity at the Mayfair Hotel, officers from the Fort Charlotte station said they knew "nothing" about any prostitution taking place at the facility.

In a telephone interview with The Tribune, one officer said: "I have no idea about that. And I'm sure my OC (officer in charge) doesn't know anything about that either."

News date : 10/29/2010    Category : Crime

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