Police call for backup at Central Station

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October 29, 2010

Police were forced to call for backup when an alleged drug dealer, who demanded to see his girlfriend, refused to leave the Central Police Station early Saturday morning, The Nassau Guardian has confirmed. Only two female officers were on duty when the man, who is on bail for murder, came to the station questioning why his girlfriend was detained. The Guardian understands that the man also went to the East Street South Police Station in the mistaken belief that police had moved the 18-year-old there. Police arrested the young woman shortly before 2 a.m. on Friday for allegedly cursing and behaving in a disorderly manner in the presence of a police superintendent. She was arraigned ...

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News date : 10/29/2010    Category : Crime

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Nadia  Wed, 2010/10/27 - 05:14 PM

Only two female officers on duty, you must be joking.

Mr. Renaldo Bowleg  Thu, 2010/10/28 - 03:43 PM

This country will never amount to anything in the years to come. we ga be like haiti an jamaica soon. find a final place of residency soon cause Houston we have a Big PROBLEM