Statoil's team lends gives a special gift to the G.B. Children's Home

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September 19, 2013

Statoil staff members present a donation from the heart... L-R: Julian Fox (Welder, Statoil's Maintenance  & Modification Department), Mrs. Geneva Rutherford (GBCH Executive Committee) Michael Regis (Statoil's Warehouse Assistant for Procurement and Logistics), Mrs. Jean Hivert (GBCH Executive Committee) and Bartholomew Mitchell (Statoil's Coordinator SSU for Safety  & Security Unit). (Photo courtesy of David Johnson, What's Happening)FREEPORT, Grand Bahama -- In keeping with its commitment to give back to the community, Statoil South Riding Point, which has been operating in Eastern Grand Bahama for 40 years, reached out once again to the GB Children's Home with a special donation from the staff.
Staff members from Statoil South Riding Point took the call to give back to the community personally and came up with a special donation of a 42" flat screen TV with built-in DVD player - providing for wonderful entertainment for years to come for the children. "At Statoil South Riding Point, we believe in giving back to our community and we wanted to give the children something special that they could use and really enjoy," explained Mr. Michael Regis, (Warehouse Assistant for Procurement and Logistics), who presented the Home with the gift along with Mr. Julian Fox (Welder, Statoil's Maintenance & Modification Department) and Mr. Bartholomew Mitchell (Coordinator SSU for Statoil's Safety & Security Unit). All three men are also instructors for the Smith System Driver Improvement Course for Statoil South Riding Point Employees.
The 42" flat screen TV/DVD combination will provide for wholesome entertainment and educational opportunities for the children who have already made good use of the donation. "We really wish to thank Statoil, its management and employees who have supported us in many ways," said Mrs. Geneva Rutherford, GB Children's Home Executive Committee. "This is such a special donation for the children - knowing that it is something they will be enjoying... watching movies, educational programmes and DVDs. We are very grateful that this group of exceptionally trained professionals from Statoil considered us and gave such a thoughtful gift for the children to enjoy for a long time to come," she added.

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News date : 09/19/2013    Category : Bahama Islands Info Stories

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