Time to bubble or hop pon de river

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September 13, 2013

One is the current king of dancehall with monster hits like "Gyal a Bubble", "Do Summ", "Realest" and "Good Girl Gone Bad"; the other is known as the Energy God with hits like "Willie Bounce", "Pon De River", "Jook Gal", "Five-O" and "Nuh Linga" -- and with the art of blending, Konshens and Elephant Man will take the Hennessy Artistry concert series by storm.

Elephant Man, whose nickname stems from his large ears, and who was later characterized for several trademarks such as his dyed yellow-orange hair, his unique voice and his stage performance which includes jumping and running, and even climbing on stage props and monitors; and Konshens, one of Jamaicas' top dancehall artists, are scheduled to perform at Club Luna on Friday, September 27. It's a concert pairing that promoter Crispin Cleare says has the streets buzzing.

"There's a lot of chatter," said Cleare of the upcoming concert. "People are looking forward to it," he said of the Fresh Entertainment and Playhouse Productions along with Hennessy Artistry event.

"Konshens is one of the top dancehall artists today with a lot of popular songs that are getting a lot of radio play," said Cleare. "He is one of those artists who has all the new songs right now as it relates to reggae dancehall that people are listening to and want to see in concert.

"Elephant Man does not have anything recent, but he's a vintage artist and he's been around and known as the Energy God because of his live, energetic performances. He's always been an artist to watch because of that."

With a bottle of Hennessy being sold at $80 per bottle at the event, Cleare says Hennessy drinkers get the best of both worlds, their alcoholic beverage at a great price and to see performances by two great reggae artists.

Tickets for the upcoming concert are priced at $100 platinum in advance, $60 VIP in advance and $35 general admission in advance. Tickets go on sale on Monday, September 16 and can be purchased at Burns House Stores, Alpha Sounds, Signature Styles, Airbrush Junkies and Tipsters on Carmichael Road.

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News date : 09/13/2013    Category : Entertainment, Nassau Guardian Stories

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