Canadian dies in accident on Long Island

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July 24, 2013

A Canadian visitor was killed in a car crash in Clarence Town, Long Island, on Monday night after he struck a utility pole, police said.

Police identified the victim as Jacob Robert Jaworski, 25, a frequent visitor to the island.

According to police, Jaworski was driving along Queens Highway around 8 p.m. in a red 2005 Toyota IST when he lost control of the car and crashed into the pole.

Police said the victim sustained serious injuries and was pronounced dead on the scene by a local doctor.

Officer in charge of Long Island Superintendent Lindy Knowles said police had not ruled out speed as a contributing factor.

Knowles said the victim's family owns a property in the Turtle Cove area and Jaworski visited the island almost every summer.

"I saw him yesterday (Monday) afternoon around 5:30 p.m. by Dean's Blue Hole," Knowles said. "He was on the beach when I saw him.

You know they are shooting a commercial over there, and he was bareback and in some shorts.

"I don't know if he went in the water or not, but when I saw him he was on the beach side.

We spoke and that was the last time I saw him."

Long Island Administrator Terrece Bootle-Bethel said Jaworski was visiting the island without his family.

The accident occurred near the Harbour Breeze Villas where he was staying, according to Knowles.

"I became acquainted with him just in passing by and speaking briefly to him," Bootle-Bethel said. "...

He said he had come to the district from the time he was six-years-old, so I think there may be people here who are acquainted with him."

"It was a tragedy last night (Monday), to have known that someone experienced such a tragic death on one of our roads in Long Island."

Bootle-Bethel said her office assisted the Ministry of Tourism and police with contacting Jaworski's relatives in Canada to notify them of the death.

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