New building supplies company shows confidence in Grand Bahama economy

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October 18, 2010

FREEPORT, GRAND BAHAMA,  – A new building supplies retailer in Grand Bahama is bringing employment opportunities and competitive choices to that island’s economy. Freeport Building Supplies is a new venture with a father at the helm and his Nassau-based son injecting the capital into the operation.

 Raymond Simpson, Jr, president and the one hundred per cent owner of the fully Bahamian company, said the decision was not a difficult one. “Right now there are few choices in the market so I think there is definitely an opportunity here, and it’s good to have competition in the market,” Simpson said.

 Ray Simpson, Sr brings local experience to the new retail outlet, with nearly a decade of experience in the Grand Bahama market. “I’ve got more than eight years in the building supplies business in Grand Bahama,” Simpson Sr said, “so that has given me and Raymond great confidence that this can fill a need and be successful, even in today’s market.”

 Asked why his son was drawn to open a building supply company in Grand Bahama at this time, Simpson, Sr said: “He knows that I am passionate about this island and about seeing that Bahamians keep working in Grand Bahama, that’s why he was confident that my knowledge of this market will help make this work.”

 The company will open its doors this week Wednesday, primarily targeting the needs of building contractors and expanding their product lines to serve do-it-yourselfers and other consumers, as well. Mr Simpson, Sr said that their location on West Atlantic Drive, next to the soon-to-open Butler’s Food World, is convenient and provides them with 25,000 square feet of display space to service their customers.

 “Our merchandising and product displays will make it very easy for contractors to find what they need and get back on the road quickly,” Simpson Sr explained. “And, of course, we’re offering bonded and duty paid sales to meet the specific needs of the Freeport market.”

 The new company will launch with all essential building materials, including lumber, plywood, sheet rock, Marblecrete, joint compound, roofing materials and doors. Either at launch or just days after, Freeport Building Supplies will add paint and paint supplies, plumbing supplies and fixtures, mini-split air conditioners, and electrical materials and fixtures.

 Raymond Simpson, Jr said that his father’s relationships with reliable distributors make them well-positioned to deliver competitive prices to Freeport. “We’ve got good contacts among suppliers so we can get great products at excellent prices to serve Grand Bahama in a better way than what is being done now.”

 Acknowledging that a high level of service is key to success in a competitive environment, Ray Simpson, Sr expressed great confidence in his team’s ability to deliver on that demand. “We have first-rate staff that bring real experience to the operation. Our people are very knowledgeable about all of the products that we carry – and that is very important: having the right products at the right prices, with the right people to sell those products and serve our customers.”

 Freeport Building Supplies will be employing 12 staff, including well-known Sales Manager Bradley Gibbs, plus Ray Simpson, Sr as general manager.

 The GM said that there is tremendous activity leading up to this week’s opening. “We are receiving trailers every day so that we can build up our inventory for opening. We had half a dozen trailers come in last week so we will be ready to meet the immediate demand. We’re putting it all in place now and once, we have enough inventory on the shelf, we’ll be ready.”

 The new building supplies retailer is located at the roundabout on West Atlantic Drive, Freeport, and will be open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon.












News date : 10/18/2010    Category : Business

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