Police kill man in Fox Hill

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June 10, 2013

Police shot and killed a young man in Fox Hill on Friday evening, according to the police report released to the media.

Police said they confiscated the man's handgun, but provided no more details on the matter, except to say he was a resident of Foxdale Subdivision.

The man's family identified him as Tarique Fowler, 22.

 Relatives accused police of using "excessive force".

Fowler's relatives are also upset over a photograph that circulated on the Internet after his death.

The photo is of a man who appears to be dead lying in bushes. His hands are handcuffed across his chest right under his chin.

Fowler's family said he is the person in the photo.

It was not clear who took the photo. His brother Jason Rutherford said several family members who were with Fowler at the time of the incident admitted that he ran from police.

 But Rutherford insisted that his brother was not a threat to the police at the time.

 "I'm not going to stand here and say that the police walked up on him and shot him," Rutherford told The Nassau Guardian on Saturday.

"He ran. But if he ran that means he was evading the police. That means his back was turned. Where is the threat in him running? They could have shot him in his leg. They used excessive force."

 Up to yesterday, Rutherford said the police did not provide any evidence to show that his brother deserved to be killed.

He said all of the family's efforts to get information from the police have proven fruitless.

"Tell us if my brother is wrong," he said. "Show us where he was wrong. No one here is standing up here for wrong.

"If he pulled a gun on the police, there is nothing we can do about that. But show it to us; prove it to us. Say something. Talk to us. Right now they're giving us the run around. Come clean."

Rutherford admitted that his brother had problems, but he said his wrongdoings were not reason for the police to shoot to kill.

 "He [was] a loving young man," Rutherford said. "He had his ups and downs. I'm not going to tell you my brother was perfect because he wasn't.

"But my brother was not a murderer. My brother wasn't notorious out there... The point is we want justice. We need to know if the excessive force was necessary."

Fowler's father, Tyrone Fowler, said he will fight for justice. "I expect that justice will be given to this matter because I will go to the full lengths of the courts to get justice," Fowler pledged.

"I can not bring my son back, but I can seek justice and that is what I intend to do with every financial avenue that is within my power."

 Fowler was shot in bushes in the Fox Hill area.

The Fowler family reportedly contacted a lawyer over the weekend to initiate proceedings against the police.

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News date : 06/10/2013    Category : Crime, Nassau Guardian Stories

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