Julien Believe Covers Brutha Magazine's Anniversary Issue!

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March 28, 2013

“Kudos to Travis T. Sweeting and his team for an awesome publication… It’s always great seeing young Bahamians realize their dreams and I support that wholeheartedly “ -Kedar Clarke

“I like. Anxiously, awaiting!!! May YOU keep God as your guide and the wind beneath YOUR pinions!” -Beverly Taylor

Nassau, Bahamas (March 2013) - Brutha Magazine has announced the launch of their Spring 2013 Issue #5 this Thursday March 28th 2013, which features Bahamian Sensation & Musical Icon, Julien Believe.

Priding itself on being the only magazine dedicated to men in the Caribbean, Brutha will also feature the 2012 Mr. Tourism United Nations, Keeshan Sands; charismatic Bahamian comedians Noo Generashun’s Tristian White and Marcian Darling; and highlight Glenn Sherman Jr., Executive Vice President at Collage Entertainment. Moreover, included are articles providing advice on love, sex & relationships, spring fashion inspiration, a health & fitness guide and so much more!

“Thinking back on how far we’ve come from in just one year leaves the question of what next?” says Brutha’s Editor-in-Chief, Travis T. Sweeting. “One thing for sure, Brutha will continue to raise the bar within The Caribbean and soon the world at large.” Mr. Sweeting wishes to thank everyone far and wide for their continued support of Brutha Magazine and actively share their mission. To date the magazine’s 2012 Issues have collectively made some 50,000 plus impressions within the region.

Brutha MagazineÔ is #1 in Knowledge, Culture & Style for the Modern Caribbean Male. It was developed to put out a positive message to an often-neglected and disregarded demographic group. The publication is visually compelling and editorially stimulating; containing informative, engaging topics of substance. Brutha seeks to always keep their finger on the pulse of their audience and deliver topics that are relevant and meaningful to them and their life experiences. Dubbed as a manual for men who want to make better choices, Brutha aims to encourage, motivate and inspire.

The Spring Issue will go live at www.issuu.com/BruthaMagazine on Thursday, October 28 2013 1pm sharp!

News date : 03/28/2013    Category : About Bahamians, Books

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