DNA party calls on the Government to protect its citizens

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March 04, 2013

Branville McCartney
DNA Leader

The fundamental principle of governance is the protection of its citizens and upholding the Rule of Law.  If a Government cannot apply this principle effectively it ought to be removed.

There is no doubt that the Bahamas, New Providence in particular, is one of the top ranking countries in the world for crime. This island 21 by 7 has one of the highest per capita rape, arm robberies, and murder statistics in the world.  Put simply, this country is not safe. We have callous mean spirited persons wreaking havoc on this country of ours. As a result, law-abiding citizens are forced to live in fear.  These criminally minded persons are responsible not only for the crime they commit, but for all of the costs involved by persons trying to protect themselves and their property. In most cases we rarely hear about the impact that crime against the person has on the victim and the victim's family. For the homeowners, persons are forced to enclose their yards, install burglar bars, cameras and alarm systems. In many instances dogs are not considered pets anymore but are in yards for protection. I consider myself a pet lover.  I have seven dogs.  Five of them are for protection purposes and they were trained for that reason. Many businesses have the added expense of security, which is now a necessary expense. In many cases this expense is transferred to the customers.

Yes Bahamas...we live in paradise but we are paralyzed by fear!

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News date : 03/04/2013    Category : Bahama Islands Info Stories

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