Police Hold Web Shop Inspector

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January 16, 2013

A gaming Board inspector is in police custody in connection with Sunday's failed robbery of an armed car in front of a local web shop. According to sources close to the investigation, the man was arrested yesterday at a local hotel. Superintendent Paul Rolle, officer in charge of the Central Detective Unit, confirmed that police have a 33-year-old man in custody assisting them with their investigations but would not reveal where the man was employed.

He also remained tight lipped on where and when the man was arrested and would only say police are still looking for two other people – a man and a woman. “We are looking for a woman who we initially suspected was a victim and we are also looking for another man we believe was involved in the robbery. That is as much as I am willing to say.” Supt Rolle also confirmed that the police officer who is currently in hospital under police watch, was shot by an ICS Security Guard during the robbery.

The incident took place around 11am at Island Games on Cow Pen Road off Faith Avenue on Sunday. According to reports, an ICS Security Concepts armoured car was collecting a deposit from the gaming house when they were held up by four men in a silver coloured Teana. Two of the occupants got out of the car – one armed with an assault rifle and the other with a handgun – and attempted to rob the security team of the deposit.

The armoured car then sped off. The culprits quickly got back in the Teana and chased after it. The chase ended in Golden Gates, just off St Vincent Road, where the two sides exchanged gunfire. As a result, one of the occupants of the Teana was shot in his face. The other occupants of the car stopped, opened the door, pushed the injured man out, and sped off. The car was found a short time later in the Southern Hills area, destroyed by fire.

At the scene, police found a man suffering from a gunshot wound to the face and recognized the wounded man as a fellow police officer. Supt Rolle said police believe another occupant of the Teana might have been injured in the gunfight. One member of the ICS team was also injured in the fight. He was taken to hospital. Investigations are continuing. In other crime news, in response to high levels of robberies in the capital police have issued the following safety tips. The Royal Bahamas Police Force said it wanted to share some home safety tips to reduce the chances of members of the public becoming a victim of a break-in.

 • Make your home look occupied, and make it difficult to break in.

 • All windows and doors should be properly secured.

 • Maintain normal lighting when not at home and use a timer to switch various

household lights on and off.

 • Use adequate outside lighting.

 • Do not place keys under outdoor mats.

 • Trim bushes to eliminate hiding areas.

 • Do not leave notes, thieves will know you are away.

 • Form a Neighbourhood Watch Group.

 • Consider installing a burglar alarm system.

 Be a good neighbour. If you notice anything suspicious in your neighbourhood,

 call the Police immediately.

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News date : 01/16/2013    Category : Crime, Tribune Stories

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