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December 13, 2012

Operation Potcake is a ten-day high-volume spay and neuter campaign to be held on the island of New Providence in January, 2013. There will be two five-day clinics, the first from January 10th to 14th, and the second from January 17th to 21st.

We have close to 100 volunteers coming in who will be paying their own way to come from abroad and will join local volunteers with the goal of spaying and neutering 2,000 animals during the ten days. Clinic will be located in five places across the island. Fox Hill, Kemp Road, Carmichael, East Street and a Mobile Western Clinic. (For more details visit

Please put your items into black trash bags and roughly label them using masking tape & felt tip pen, to keep the contents dry for storage until needed in January. Then take them to either The Potting Shed or to the Bahamas Humane Society(Hotline: 356 5138) on Chippingham Road off West Bay Street.

We hope you will help us to help the animals, making Nassau's communities cleaner, quieter and healthier for everyone.

Thank you in advance for sending a token of support. I know you all hear about the efforts of the Bahamas humane Society, Baark and other animal groups throughout the year, and Operation Potcake is all of the groups coming together to tackle the problem at the source. Everyone in some capacity wants a day to come when there are no dogs suffering on the streets of Nassau, and we are not hearing about the many many dogs looking desperately for a home. This is your chance to be part of the solution!

Thank you so much!

News date : 12/13/2012    Category : About Bahamians, Animals/Pets

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