Essence Bahamas becomes official sponsors of K. L. R. Management

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December 10, 2012

Essence Bahamas becomes official sponsors of K. L. R. Management

Essence Bahamas Magazine serves as the ultimate tourism and travel destination publication on the Bahamas. We are constantly developing our brand and increasing its visibility wherever our target market is acquired. On that note, we have embarked on several acquisitions signifying the celebration of our 1st anniversary, namely the acquisition of our mobile app via iTunes, and the acquisition of K.L.R. Management Group.

The signing of this agreement indicates a significant milestone for both companies as this arrangement facilitates opportunities for both entities to promote Bahamian culture, the arts, entertainment and various products and services across our linked customer, artist, and vendor networks.

Essence Bahamas will be named as vendor/sponsor on all of K.L.R. Management endeavors, namely CD’s, and other promotional materials that will be distributed to over some five hundred Christian music store outlets within the United States that use the Kiosk system to sell music. What this means is that Essence Bahamas magazine will be able to automatically increase online viewer-ship by at least some 50,000 views using this method.

Essence Bahamas in return will promote K.L.R. Management Group and their under signee’s in various segments of the Magazine depending on their level of notoriety. These segments include but are not limited to “Artist-to-Watch, Rising Star, & Bahamas Hall of Fame” features.

Currently Essence Bahamas is available in digital format on mobile devices such as iPad’s and iPhone’s via iTunes, the on-line electronic store for the electronic savvy consumers. On the other hands, it is our goal to not only to expand our digital distribution this year but also to include print editions in 2013. Thus far our viewership is about 50,000 and reaches across countries such as the United States, Canada, Europe, Central America, the Caribbean, South Africa, and Indonesia.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to visit our site and retrieve a copy of the latest edition of the magazine. You will find that the quality of our product is exceptional. If you would like to become a corporate sponsor or advertise with us, please do not hesitate to contact us as we are the ultimate magazine on the Bahamas for international clients such as; stop-over visitors, transit visitors, business travelers, leisure travelers, couples, singles, families, and group events.

By Candis Marshall

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News date : 12/10/2012    Category : About Bahamians, Business, Fashion

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