1.4M Superwash To Open July 2013

Thu, Nov 29th 2012, 03:32 PM

The new $1.4 million Superwash set for Gibbs Corner and West Avenue is expected to be completed by July 2013. According to the company's president, Dionisio D'Aguilar, construction on the 4,000 square foot location began last month and is progressing well. He confirmed to Guardian Business that the necessary underground infrastructure is done. The top businessman estimates that the project is less than 25 percent complete at this point.

"When it comes to building a Laundromat, there is a lot of infrastructure that has to go underground. We've completed the underground infrastructure," D'Aguilar revealed. "For example, we had to build a 60,000 to 70,000 gallon storage tank for water and that has been put into the ground. You won't be able to see much above ground yet. Hopefully, you will get to see a structure up by Christmas."

The new location will cost the local laundromat giant $1 million to construct. D'Aguilar said that it's being built directly behind the existing location. D'Aguilar added that the outlet will feature all-new equipment. The present location will be demolished and used as customer parking for the new store. "We are spending approximately $1 million on the building and another $400,000 on the land. We are revitalizing an existing location. It's always good to bring new projects and refresh the product," he explained.

In early April, an early morning fire sparked around 2:45 a.m. and continued until around 4 a.m. While the roof was destroyed, the building itself sustained minimal damage and the equipment inside suffered water damaged. D'Aguilar said Superwash has spent more than $100,000 on the repairs. The Superwash chief also pointed out that despite the setback the fire caused, employment at that location was not jeopardized. Approximately 30 days after the fire, the company had rebuilt the roof and resumed normal operations at the Gibbs Corner and West Avenue location.

"It doesn't affect any of our employees because our organization is large enough. There will be always be employees that are sick, on vacation or they just don't feel like coming to work," he said. "You can generally relocate people. It's approximately eight people that worked at that location, so before the present location was up and running; they were split between the other locations." Currently, Superwash has nine locations in New Providence, including the Gibbs Corner & West Avenue store.

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