APN Settings for Androids and iPhones

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November 11, 2012

Here are the setting to get data on your prepaid cell phone..

APN Settings for Androids and iPhones,,, Release by The Bahamas Telecommunications Company Ltd

For Android users


Go to Settings

Press on Wireless and networks

Select Access points

Press the Menu key

Select Reset to default

Press the Menu Key

Select New APN


Ensure that the settings are as below

Name: BTC

APN: internet.btcbahamas.com

Leave everything else as default.


Menu key>Save APN>Ensure that the new APN is ticked on the right side


From there, go back to Mobile networks and then to go Network Mode.  Please ensure that it is set to GSM/WCDMA.


For iPhone/iPad users


1. Close all open apps

2. Reset your APN (Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Network)

3. Disable Carrier Data

4. Disable 3G/4G

5. Disable Data Roaming (if on)

6. Turn the iPhone's airplane mode on

7. Wait 2 minutes

8. Turn Airplane mode off

9. Enable Carrier Data

10. Enable Data Roaming

11. Enable 3G/4G once you see a blue E in the top left

12. You should now see a blue 3G

13. Test your data again.

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