Family of murder victim yet o come to erms with death

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July 30, 2012

The family of a mother-of-two who was found dead in an apartment on Charles Vincent Street on Friday said they have yet to come to terms with her "terrifying" death and want to know why she was killed.
Police found the body of Kidlie St. Brave, 23, at the home around 7.30 p.m. on Friday. They were led to the body by a man who entered a police station and told officers about her death. Inspector Chrislyn Skippings said police were also told that a man and a woman got into a fight, which led to the killing. Police said the victim and her alleged attacker knew each other.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson said St. Brave had multiple injuries that appeared to be stab wounds. He added that a suspect was being treated for "lacerations to the upper body" and is under police guard at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH).
When The Nassau Guardian arrived at the crime scene on Saturday a blood soaked mattress was in one of the apartment's two bedrooms. Ferguson could not confirm if the attack took place in the bedroom, but said St. Brave died in the apartment. He added that police have classified her death as a homicide, but said investigators do not yet know what motivated the attack.
He also could not say how much time elapsed between St. Brave's death and when police found her body.
"We learned about this incident Friday evening. We do not know what time she would have received those injuries," Ferguson said. "The suspect, he is detained in hospital there were some injuries to him. As soon as he gets out and as we continue to investigate, we will put all the pieces together."
St. Brave's cousin Jasmin Capri said the violent way the young mother died has compounded her family's grief.
"I still can't believe that's the way she died," she said on Saturday. "I don't mind her dying because everybody has to die one day, but the way she died, it was horrible; it was terrifying. I can just imagine in her last minutes how she felt and how scared she felt."
Yesterday St. Brave's brother, Kerby St. Brave, said his family does not understand why the young mother was killed. He described his sister as an "innocent" woman who was always cheerful.
"It's hurting to know that she is gone because she was really a nice person... Kidlie was the best sister to have," he said during an interview from his family's home near Quarry Mission Road.
"She was a humble child. She was like a newborn baby, couldn't harm a fly. You see her, she always had a smile on her face, if she is worrying about something or thinking about something or you do her something, she'll always have a smile on her face, she always looked happy, no matter what."
He said he last saw his sister on Wednesday, two days before police found her body.
"She looked happy," he said, his voice cracking with emotion. "She ain't look like she was worrying about anything."
He said his family needs closure and wants to know what happened the day St. Grave died.
"I just hope that justice is served. I just want to know why."

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News date : 07/30/2012    Category : Nassau Guardian Stories

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