Witness tells court he witnessed attack on man and woman

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June 13, 2012

A witness yesterday told jurors that he watched a man attack a man and woman from his home.
Sidney Evans was testifying in the murder and attempted murder trial of Michael Scott. Prosecutors allege that Scott, a 46-year-old Jamaican, was motivated by jealousy when he stabbed his estranged wife, Sheneka Lightbourne, and her new lover, David Rolle.
Lightbourne survived the attack but Rolle died at the scene.
Prosecutors allege that Scott travelled from Florida to New Providence with the intention of making up with his wife. They claim he flew into a jealous rage when he saw Rolle and Lightbourne walking together on Palm Beach Street during the early morning hours of December 20, 2009.
Evans, who estimated he was about 450 feet away from the drama, said he saw a man with a tire wrench break the back passenger glass of a white car that was parked across the street from his house.
According to earlier testimony, Scott was driving a white Toyota Corolla.
Evans said a man whom he knew as Scottie got out of the car and stabbed Rolle with the tire wrench and the woman who was previously in the car with him.
Evans denied suggestions from Scott's lawyer, Murrio Ducille, that the man with the tire wrench attacked Scottie once he got out of the car.
Evans recalled the woman's wig coming off her head in the scuffle and seeing Scottie stab her.
Scott, who was taken into custody shortly after the incident, told the arresting officer that he was acting in self defense.
The trial continues before Senior Justice Jon Isaacs today.

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News date : 06/13/2012    Category : Nassau Guardian Stories

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