McCartney: DNA govt Would Rid Country of Shantytowns

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May 07, 2012

Democratic National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney promised on Saturday night that his administration would eliminate all shantytowns if the DNA wins today's general election.  "It is evident that neither the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) nor the Free National Movement (FNM) has any interest in dealing with this problem," said McCartney at his party's final rally of the season at Arawak Cay.

"If they did, they would have implemented solutions a long time ago. The DNA knows that there are over 37 shantytowns in New Providence alone. We intend to humanely regularize these areas and rid The Bahamas of all shantytowns."  McCartney, a former minister of state for immigration, said repatriations alone would not keep the country's borders safe and a DNA government would move quickly to establish a comprehensive immigration policy.

McCartney urged Bahamians not to put their hopes in politicians who only make their presence known just before an election and attempt to influence their vote with money; short-term employment or food and drinks.  "If you keep repeating this cycle nothing will change," said McCartney, who won the Bamboo Town seat as an FNM in 2007 and hopes to win it today on the new party's ticket.  McCartney said a DNA government would work day and night to rid the country of politicians who attempt to influence voters with handouts.

The DNA leader said Bahamians should be able to enter a government or private agency and apply for a job on their own merit, as they have a right to gain employment or be an entrepreneur in their own country.  He said before the DNA was established a year ago, many Bahamians were considering abstaining from voting because they believed the leaders of the other two major parties were "one in the same", and they had lost hope.  McCartney said the DNA has presented a viable option for change.

He said if given the chance to govern, the DNA would achieve what the Ingraham and Christie administrations failed to achieve.  "If you want a chaotic society, a society where we have been starved economically, a society where we accept the status quo then choose the FNM and the PLP," he said.  "If you want a society that is organized, where Bahamians become the owners of their society and where we create an educated society that can compete on the world stage, then vote DNA all day on Election Day."

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News date : 05/07/2012    Category : Politics, Nassau Guardian Stories

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