Centreville Constituencies and Candidates

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April 30, 2012




Constituencie               Candidates        Registered Voters                    Island

Centreville                          3                            5630                            New Providence



Ella Lewis FNM Free National Movement

Ella Lewis was born in Nassau in 1953.  She received a master’s degree from St. Meinrad School of Theology in theological studies. Ella is a trained teacher and she has served with the Ministry of Education, as the Head of Department for Family Life and Health and was involved with youth and sports summer programmes.


 Perry Christie PLP Progressive Liberal Party

The Rt. Hon. Perry Gladstone Christie was born in Nassau on August 21st, 1943 to Gladstone L. Christie, a taxi driver and Naomi Christie nee Allen, a nurse. He grew up and was raised in the area of New Providence known as The Valley. He attended the Government High School but was later expelled, a critical turning point in his development as he committed himself to academic excellence, studying under the care of D. W. Davis. He went on to read law at University of London.


Celi Moss DNA Democratic National Alliance

The eldest child of Wilfred and Sheila Moss, Celi Mancini Moss was born on July 8, 1966 on the island of New Providence. Moss is also a seasoned and successful salesman and has earned numerous awards in the timeshare industry. This business has taught him, most notably, “the difference between winning and losing is all in one’s attitude,” accountability and that excuses are totally unacceptable.

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