Bain Town & Grants Town Constituencies and Candidates

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April 27, 2012




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Bain Town & Grants Town             4                   5961                              New Providence





John Bostwick II FNM Free National Movement

John Bostwick II was born in Nassau to Mr John Henry and the Hon. Janet Bostwick. He was educated at Nassau’s St. Andrews School where he was Deputy Head Boy, and at England’s University of Keele, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in law and philosophy. As a member of barristers association Gray’s Inn, John has been called to the Bar of England and Wales and of The Bahamas.

From his time as a youth in the political process, John developed a passion for improving the welfare of the nation’s elderly and at-risk youth.

He founded the social outreach programmes HOLD (Homes for Old, Lonely and Destitute), Positive Vibes and Yah Roeh to assist the elderly and to build a bridge so our vulnerable Bahamian youths might become successful members of society. Separate to the trio of organisations, John has shepherded social welfare efforts for the care of the elderly, home repair and renovation and food distribution programmes.

Dr. Bernard Nottage PLP Progressive Liberal Party

Dr. Bernard “BJ” Nottage was born in Nassau on October 23rd, 1945 to the late Olevia Nottage. He is married to the former Portia Butterfield and they are the parents of two sons. Dr. Nottage is a member of the Anglican Church community. His hobbies are sports, exercising, traveling and reading.

Rodney Moncur DNA Democratic National Alliance

Rodney Moncur was born on November 30, 1956 to Euzera Cox and George Gilbert Moncur (both deceased) and was raised in Black Village.

His education began at Oakes Field Primary and continued at C.C. Sweeting High School, which at the time was under the tutelage of A. Leonard Archer.

Rodney has always been vocal against human injustices and is known to be an activist for the people. His activism started as early as 1974, marching with the Hon. Edmund Moxey and others to Parliament in protests of the social, political and economic exploitation of the masses. He also led successful marches for various causes.

Mario Clarke IND Independent

"I believe if given the opportunity people from Bain Town can excel on any level in this country. Politics usually divides but I will run a campaign that would seek to bring Bain town together.

If for what ever reason youn cannot support me, we are still neighbors, friends and fellow baintownians. God bless you, Bain Town and may God bless the Bahamas"

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