FNM mass rally at Clifford Park

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April 27, 2012

As the fog of corruption allegations thickens around the PLP, PM Hubert A. Ingraham urged, at the FNM Mass Rally in Clifford Park, all supporters to display their red flags with pride and to show their convictions without fear: “those fake Gold Rush chariots shall feel the power of the Red Sea” he exclaimed, and pointing to nearby Arawak Cay he remarked upon the FNM's Government recent achievements, like the Fish Fry, and the new port and Customs Building. “They are the party of neglect! We are the Party of Deliverance!” said Mr Ingraham.

The Prime Minister deprecated Perry Christie's hollow claim that the government invested too heavily in infrastructures and education, and condemned the PLP's habit of using public money for personal gains, so much so that, if elected again, they do not have a plan for governance, but a plan to plan something in the first 100 days in office: “You can give Christie 100 years. It will make no difference”, said Mr Ingraham.

Speaking of education, the PM went on to read out loud Mr Christie's political Report Card, which contains a string of 'Fs' in English, for copying the FNM's Manifesto; in History, for trying to re-write the poor record of his corrupt government; in Health and Sports, for failing to deliver a National Health Insurance and build a National Stadium; in Tourism Studies, for overseeing the largest decline in hotel rooms; in Maths and Economics, for failing to account for the public money he spent and to recognise the extent of the Great Recession; and in Speech, because “ even though he talks plenty, he says very little”. Mr Perry, however, did get an A: in Drama.

The Prime Minister claimed that “Our opponents seek to build an opportunity club for themselves and their families. We seek to build a greater Opportunity Society for every Bahamian child regardless of the circumstance of his or her birth”.

Mr Ingraham also praised the hard work of members of the Police and Defence Force for working hard while being hit by the effects of the economic crisis, and promised to continue to do more for them and for all civil servants, including the approval of overdue pay rises and a lump cash payment in July.

As election day approaches, nearly 4,000 voters in the Bahamas and around the world will be able, for the first time, to vote in the Early Poll on May 1st, thanks to the FNM's amendment to the Parliamentary Elections Act. These are students, workers temporarily overseas or people unable to vote on May 7th due to illness or travel. “This is clear evidence of your FNM Government’s commitment to advance our democracy”, concluded the the Prime Minister.

News date : 04/27/2012    Category : About Bahamians, Politics, Press Releases

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