In Case You Missed It: Govt. signs contract for national CCTV project

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April 26, 2012

In Case You Missed It: Govt. signs contract for national CCTV project

Cameras Strategically Deployed to Hot Spots

The government is forging ahead with the implementation of their anti-crime initiatives. The CCTV expansion is one added element in the mix of tools employed to prevent and fight crime. This initiative contributes to maintaining and fostering a climate of calm and law-abiding behavior in some of the most affected areas in New Providence. A report released yesterday by the RBPF shows a 6 % decline in overall crime in the country.

From the Nassau Guardian April 26, 2012:

“The project, with a contract valued at $4.6 million, was one Turnquest [Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest] said all Bahamians should be proud of…

While cameras alone and by themselves do not solve crime, “we are ensuring that the cameras are effectively monitored and that the police have the capacity to respond rapidly and appropriately to incidents reported by the cameras. Hence the government has ensured that the police have the appropriate radio dispatch, available manpower and required mobility.”

According to the minister, 243 cameras will be strategically deployed throughout New Providence, with thought of bringing the project to Grand Bahama and the Family Islands in the future.

Turnquest said the cameras will “span firstly from St. Alban’s Drive in the west to Mackey Street in the east, and covering areas at least one mile south of Bay Street.”

“Additional cameras will be strategically located in other areas of the island and will focus on high crime areas and hot spots, giving police officers additional eyes to monitor, prevent and detect crimes.”

“This project will have as its primary focus those areas where the police force faces some of its major crime challenges.” Protocols and procedures will be in place to preserve the privacy and rights of residents.

The installation of the cameras will begin on May 1, with a target completion date before the end of September.

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