PLP Attacks & Platform on Poaching Lack Credibility, Require Amnesia

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April 25, 2012

PLP Attacks & Platform on Poaching Lack Credibility, Require Amnesia The Claim:

The PLP claims to have a comprehensive plan to secure our borders and to deal with illegal poaching. The Truth: The PLP seems to believe Bahamians have forgotten that in 2003, just one year after voters entrusted them to govern, they failed to protect our Bahamian waters by allowing 16 Korean Fishing vessels to illegally dock in Grand Bahama.

Furthermore the PLP proved they put themselves first instead of Bahamians fishermen when they tried to illegally sell permits to Korean boat owners.

To add further insult to the intelligence of Bahamians the PLP offered no official explanation as to why the PLP Government allowed this to happen. Unlike the PLP, the FNM continues to enforce a plan of action to protect the territorial and marine integrity of The Bahamas and the livelihood of Bahamian fishermen. In one term in office the FNM has:

. Recruited 343 marines

. Increased the Defence Force fleet by 10 new craft

. Added two new aircraft to the air wing of the Defence Force

. Expanded surveillance of our northern and south-western border through an expanded Defence Force presence in Grand Bahama, Abaco, and Inagua, and through a base built on Ragged Island

. Increased cooperation and collaboration within bilateral, regional and international initiatives and forums

. Promoted new leadership for the RBDF The FNM will continue to protect the rights of every Bahamian fisherman from Abaco, Spanish Wells, Long Island, Andros and Bimini to all corners of The Bahamas by providing adequate funding and equipment to the Defence Force. The FNM will outfit the Defence Force fleet with an additional 11 craft including:

. Four 70 feet Banks Class

. Four 108 feet Protector Class

. Two 140 feet Island Class

. One 170 feet Auxiliary Vessel Class Same PLP. Same Empty Promises.

News date : 04/25/2012    Category : About Bahamians, Politics, Press Releases

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