North Andros Rally Remarks - Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham

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April 25, 2012

FNM Mass Rally in Freeport, Grand Bahama PM Ingraham: corrupt PLP failed to deliver

Less than two weeks before the general elections, PM Hubert A. Ingraham travelled to Freeport where, addressing FNM supporters, he outlined the Government's plan to continue to support the economic recovery of Grand Bahama and decried the PLP's 'Carnival' campaign .

Mr Ingraham called for all Bahamians to support the FNM on May 7th and to keep in opposition a party, which was ridden, while in office, by numerous scandals, like the Korean boat scandal, the Visa Scandal, the Money in the Closet incident, and the celebrity scandals, to name a few. “With them, a scandal a day, keeps good government away” said the PM.

Mr Ingraham also referred to the PLP's failure to deliver on its promises, like the National Health Insurance, the Nassau Straw Market, and the Marshall Plan for Grand Bahama, and spoke of Perry Christie's belated government plan, whose touted publication fails to hide the fact that many of its proposed policies sound supiciously similar to those outlined by the FNM two weeks ago. Mr Christie's “cut-and-paste plan is basically to copycat what appears in our Manifesto”, said Mr Ingraham.

In his remarks, the Prime Minister underlined the importance of transparency and accountability, traits, which Mr Christie's seem to lack, in reference to the PLP's leader recent disclosure of his professional connection with a foreign oil company, which is seeking approval to drill in Bahamian waters.

“When Mr. Christie agreed to become a consultant for the company – said Mr Ingraham - it would have been with the full knowledge and intention of using his position, past and present, and his access to government agencies [...] to influence a decision by The Bahamian Government with respect to any application by that company” remarked the PM.

“I have said before, in the media and in the House of Assembly - a Government led by me will not agree to any drilling for oil in The Bahamas until all necessary and appropriate regulations are in place and until we are fully and competently in a position to regulate such activity so as to protect our environment and that of the world’s ocean beyond from harmful and risky activity in our country and in our waters” continued Mr Ingraham.

The PM then remarked on the FNM's transparency and procedural accountability in the re-organisation of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, including the decision, in consultation with military experts, to recruit 235 additional personnel, and the financially reasoned budgetary provisions for the future acquisition of new vessels.

In his closing remarks, the Prime Minister outlined the FNM Manifesto commitments for Grand Bahama, which include: the relocation of the Department of Maritime Affairs and the Department of Local Government to the island; the extension of government services and the expansion of infrastructures outside Freeport; and a vision for “Grand Bahama to be a major service hub in The Bahamas for marine and maritime services, industrial development, international logistics, light manufacturing, various creative industries and other commercial enterprises, and for it to serve as a major employment centre”.

News date : 04/25/2012    Category : About Bahamians, Politics, Press Releases

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