Christie’s Assertion on Oil at Odds with PLP Record

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April 24, 2012

Christie’s Assertion on Oil at Odds with PLP Record Just Saying Something Doesn’t Make it True

The Claim:

Perry Christie promises that, if elected, his role as a consultant to the Bahamas Petroleum Company (BPC) will not influence his government’s decision on allowing BPC to drill in Andros in 2013.

The Truth:

Perry cannot think that Bahamians don’t see through this empty statement. Bahamians know that the PLP record is not one of ethical clarity and transparency. During their time in office, Perry Christie and the same scandal-ridden PLPs were involved in a variety of scandals including accepting gifts and payments of nearly $1 million paid to a senior PLP official from a company trying to get government approval for a large LNG project that would have lined the pockets of a select group of PLPs.

Senior members of the PLP, who would have a say in granting the exploration license to The Bahamas Petroleum Company, are deeply intertwined with the company. BPC is represented locally by the PLP’s Deputy Leader "Brave" Davis, Jerome Gomez, and the PLP’s candidate for Killarney is its Managing Director and Perry Christie is a consultant.

Believing that these relationships will not influence the contractual process to the benefit of BPC requires a level of blind trust in Christie and the PLP—a trust that the record clearly shows neither deserve.

If the PLP is elected, the Bahamas Petroleum Company will be another one of many on the long list of PLP scandals.

Same PLP. Same Empty Promises.

News date : 04/24/2012    Category : About Bahamians, Politics, Press Releases

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