FNM recognizes Earth Day, promotes sustainable practices

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April 23, 2012

FNM Government points at record of conservation and environmental protection, promotes sustainable practices

Recognizing the significance of Earth Day, on April 22, 2012, FNM spokesperson Tommy Turnquest stated the Government has a mandate to protect the natural resources and unique environment of The Bahamas, to preserve it for future generations of Bahamians.

Mr. Turnquest noted that the FNM Government, over three successive terms in office, has doubled the national park system, bringing to 700,000 acres the amount of marine and terrestrial areas protected, most recently adding marine and land parks in Abaco, Andros and Conception Island. “This is approximately two acres of preserved area for each Bahamian” he said.

Minister Turnquest said that the FNM has the most extensive record on the environment of any political party in Bahamian history. “This term alone we enacted legislation which, among other things, put in place a closed season for grouper, protected both sea turtles and sharks in Bahamian waters, and protected our forests,” he said.

Mr. Turnquest reminded Bahamians of their civic responsibility to be stewards of the environment, reducing waste and conserving energy, noting that the FNM government has adopted policies to promote and encourage the use of renewable sources of energy, including reduction of customs duties on the importation of green-energy appliances.

In the next term the FNM will continue its mission to preserve the Bahamian environment by creating additional national parks and marine reserves, and heightening its focus on energy efficiency and conservation. “The FNM will encourage conservation and the adoption of green technologies through education, and through a variety of incentives. The Government will lead this charge by setting an example, through the use of renewable energy in new Government buildings” the spokesperson said.

Turnquest concluded, “On Earth Day, we urge Bahamians to reflect on ‘what can I do’, to live greener. Even if you don’t adopt renewable energy today, you can use reusable grocery bags or conserve energy. It is an opportunity for every Bahamian to participate in making the country more environmentally sustainable, which will create a better future for all of us.”

News date : 04/23/2012    Category : Environment

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