Nomination Day 2012 The FNM's next Delivery Team

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April 17, 2012

Nomination Day 2012 The FNM's next Delivery Team

On Tuesday, April 17th, FNM nominees registered to become the next FNM Delivery Team for the Bahamas. It is a team of seasoned leaders and dynamic new talent all committed to helping to build a greater Opportunity Society.

The FNM has drafted an ambitious Manifesto for its next term in Government. This is reflected by the presentation of a group of candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences to reflect the party's vision for the future and to realize its objectives.

Nomination Day 2012 The FNM's next Delivery TeamNomination Day 2012 The FNM's next Delivery TeamNomination Day 2012 The FNM's next Delivery TeamNomination Day 2012 The FNM's next Delivery Team

The FNM's commitment to the development of the country's youth is reflected by the presence of candidates, who have been actively involved in community programmes to support Bahamian youth, either as educators or sport coaches, in local communities or in institutional roles.

Howard Johnson, the candidate for Central and South Eleuthera, has been Bahamas Youth Ambassador for the Ministry of Youth and Sport and has advised the Government on the Key Club and Junior Achievement. Theo Neilly, candidate for North Eleuthera has been involved in the Rotary Club of Eleuthera.

Many FNM candidates are young professionals and entrepreneurs, who have chosen to serve their country. They understand the needs of young Bahamians who are looking for jobs or want to start their own businesses or who want to buy a home for their families. These include candidates like Michael Pintard (Cat Island, Rum Cay & San Salvador), founding partner of a Bahamian company focused on developing housing in urban centers, and Kwasi Thompson (Pineridge), member of the Grand Bahama Youth Leaders Association

The FNM is committed to the removal of all forms of official discrimination against women, who have acquired more of the rights and protections available in law to their male counterparts, thanks to the FNM Government's policies, programmes and legislation. Today, The Bahamas has become among the more desirable countries for female entrepreneurs. The FNM will continue to deliver on women's equality and inclusion. Nine of the Party’s Delivery Team 2012 are women, including attorney Heather Hunt and journalist Pakeisha Parker Edgecombe, the candidates respectively for Marathon, and West End and Bimini.

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