Self Starter Seminar Held In Elizabeth Constituency

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April 12, 2012

A group of successful Self Starter companies recently held a seminar for the interested public at the FMN’s Elizabeth Constituency office.

The four established entrepreneurs, who all got started with the help of the Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture’s Self Starter Award to create successful businesses, shared their experience to a group of budding entrepreneurs who have their own business ideas.

The seminar participants were told how easy it is to apply for the Ministry’s $5,000 award, how to choose a good business idea, where to get professional help, and how to create an impressive plan for the Self Starter Committee to review.

Dr. Duane Sands, FMN Candidate for Elizabeth Constituency, gave a short address, encouraging the 18-30 year olds to pursue their dreams and let the government help them get started. Pictured with Dr. Sands (L-R) are the seminar presenters: Mervin Sweeting from Switcha! Lemonade; Atario Mitchell from Bahamas Striping; Dr. Duane Sands; Sharell Carroll from SageEden Marketing Group; and Keshelle Kerr from Creative Wealth Bahamas. The audience, some of whom shared potentially good business ideas, said the seminar was inspiring and gave them a good plan on to do next, including applying for the Self Starter grant.

News date : 04/12/2012    Category : About Bahamians, Business, Politics, Press Releases

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